Betty BAs I was growing up in Norfolk, VA, I always loved to dance. (Music is a part of me!) I was really lucky in that my elementary school, Granby Elementary, offered ballroom dance lessons. So by the time I reached the third grade, I knew all of the steps! Remember the foxtrot, the stroll, etc. My family frequented a beach club near Lynnhaven, The YMCA Beach Club. I remember staying late on many nights to dance on the balcony! Back then, we did the jitterbug, which is very similar to the shag.

After a few years, actually quite a few years, I ended up in Myrtle Beach, SC. Being "single-again," I found myself being exposed to the serious side of "The Shag World." As I've said, I love to dance!!! I'd get together with friends almost nightly at a club called "2001." We all would shag until we dropped! Some nights we'd all head up to Ocean Drive where the really serious Shaggers would congregate. You know, Harold's, Ducks, The Spanish Galleon, etc.

To move quickly through the time-line, I'll jump to 1987 when I moved to Charlotte, NC. As a means of meeting new people, I joined the Charlotte Shag Club. Through them, I found out how broad the "Shag World" can be. Although most people associate the Shag with the BEACH, I found it to be far more active in the Charlotte area. At that time, the Charlotte Shag Club had over 600 members. There was something going on every night with my favorite being the weekend parties. Through the years, I have been an officer in 2 shag clubs, a member of the Association of Beach and Shag Club Deejays, a Lifetime Member of SOS, attended MANY parties, watched many competitive shag events, etc., etc., etc. I guess what I'm trying to get across is....I've been around it!

I went through a shag withdrawal phase a few years ago due to Burnout. During that time, I began my journey on the Internet which continues to be of major interest to me now. Seems like I've gone from one addiction to another.

The light-of-my-life is my son. Now 25 years old, he continues to live at North Myrtle Beach where he teaches high school math and coaches football, basketball, and baseball. He graduated Coastal Carolina University in 1996. He's a really cool person. Although he is an independent thinker, his words of wisdom echo of my own at times. I'm bewildered when I think back to the day that he was only 8 lbs. 12 oz. and 21 inches long. Seems like it was just yesterday!

I currently live in Charlotte which is the perfect place to shag, visit, play, and work. Charlotte is a city that was once known for its ole' Southern ways, but is now leading North Carolina into the 21th Century. In the eleven years that I've lived in Charlotte, I've seen major growth throughout the city. If you've ever been here, you will certainly understand why! After living in various communities in Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina, I've decided that there ain't nothing finer than to be in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Since there are dozens of Shag Clubs in the Charlotte area, one can find a GREAT shagging party to go to almost every weekend! Numerous nightclubs also support the Shaggers.

Here are my favorites!

Madeline's at Ramada Inn Carowinds Every Friday Night
Boppers Bar & Grill Every Sunday & Tuesday Nights
Holiday Inn - Cornelius Every Friday Night
Holiday Inn on Woodlawn Every Night Except Sunday

Please come back and visit frequently!