Here are some links which I tend to visit...


Oldies & Beach On-Line Radio Broadcasting

Shag Art

ShagAtlanta's Shag Dance Server
(Congratulations to ShagAtlanta for coordinating Shagging at the Olympics!)

Virginia Beach Junior Shaggers
(The Future of Shagging!)

Get information on Swing/Shag/Lindy Hop
lessons in MINNESOTA!

The Triangle Swing Dance Society

Shagging in TEXAS!

Dance Hotlist
(Link to any and every type of dance from this site!)

Mama's Home Cookin' Band from Columbia, SC

Competive Shaggers Association

Northern Virginia Shag Club

BJ's Carolina Coast
Great Music Clips Showing Various Formats Shaggers Prefer


Shag's Spot On The Web

Check out more Beach Sounds at . . .

Ripete Records
(My thanks to Ripete for some of the artwork on my homepage!)

The Breeze Radio Network's Top 60 In Dixie
(Charleston's SO lucky!)

Babs and Michael's Homepage
(Another GREAT SHAG PAGE with review of the parties and music, etc., etc., etc.)


Music City Bop Club
Check out shagging in Tennessee

Visit Irma's Home / Richmond VA

Great page about Richmond Shag Club

Capital Area Shag Club

Shagging in Raleigh, NC

Virginia Beach Shag Club

Shagging in Virginia Beach, VA

Shagging in Charleston, SC and many other shagging treats!

The Official
Association of Carolina Shag Clubs Homepage

London Swing Dance Club Web Site
(Introducing Shag to Canadians!)

CSRA Shag Club's Page

Charleston Shag Club's Site

Don Deyne's Shag Line Dance
(Alabama's Dancin' Shaggin' on The Boulevard)

The History of Shag

South Carolina's State Dance -- The Shag

Cape Fear Shag Club's Site

2001 -- Myrtle Beach, SC

Shag: The Movie
(This link is subject to change, please e-mail me if you don't link to this title.
Just before this revision, it linked to The Oriental Sex Kitten ... hehehehe)